Hope For Amanda

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Candle Light Bowl

The Hope for Amanda Candle Light Bowl fundraiser was a HUGE success!  We raised enough money to pay for an entire year of Amanda's medications.  Amanda uses 3 different seizure medications every day and Clobazam is from Canada.  Since Clobazam isn't FDA approved, we pay for this drug out of pocket, it isn't covered by insurance. 

Special thanks to our friend, Melissa, who organized the event for our family.   Our family is so blessed to have her in our lives!




KB Toys in Vernon Hills was one of the main sponsors for this event.  They asked each customer to donate $1 for the event during a 2 month period and raised $1000 to be used for toys on the silent auction and $600 worth of gift cards were donated directly to Amanda.  SIMPLY AMAZING!!





Check it out Grandpa Ed.....it's a STRIKE!!!











June 2007