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We've had a couple of fundraising events for the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago including a family event in 2006 and the annual walk in Lincoln Park.   The Epilepsy Foundation helped our family a couple of years ago by recommending the respite program at Clearbrook.  We are so grateful for that connection and continue to use their services.

Brenda's family has an annual fundraising event and the 2006 funds were donated to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago in honor of Amanda.  Friends and family of Frank and Carol Anderson raised more than $7,400!   At the time, we requested the funds to be used to promote awareness of epilepsy and to advocate the need for research and approval of new treatments for children.  The Epilepsy Foundation recently contacted our family to let us know that half of the money raised during this event will be used to help support a one-year pre-doctoral research training fellowship for a researcher who is conducting a study on Dravet Syndrome.   We are absolutely thrilled to know that the funds will be used directly for Amanda's cause!








Here's a picture of our family with Carol and Frank at the 2007 Event:

Amanda's A Team takes on the Greater Chicago Epilepsy Walk!  The 5K walk takes place on the 3rd weekend in May and is located in the beautiful downtown Lincoln Park area.  The money raised from the walk is donated to the Chicago Epilepsy Foundation. 






In 2005, we had a total of 15 people on Amanda's A Team and raised more than $1700!  From the bottom left, the members included: Sean, Elle, Eric, Molly, Aunt Rose, Brenda, Amanda, Jason, Grandma Janice, Grandpa Ed, Shari, Jill, Jim, Grandpa Gale and Grandma Mary. 

Some of our team members were lucky enough to have had their picture taken and published in the regional epilepsy magazine, 'Epilepsy Connections' (Summer 2005).  We're FAMOUS : )











In 2006, we had a total of 9 people on Amanda's A Team!  From the left, the members included: Aunt Jessica, Uncle Pete, Brenda, Mandy, Jason, Grandma Janice, Grandpa Ed, Grandpa Gale and Grandma Mary.  (oops, we forgot our sign!?!?)


















In 2007, we had 14 members on Amanda's A Team and raised $825 for the Epilepsy Foundation of Chicago!  Hooray for Amanda's A Team!









This year Amanda's A Team had 44 members (plus 2 dogs) and we raised more than $2,650 for the Epilepsy Foundation.  I think we had the 2nd largest team for the 2008 walk.  


Front left to right:

aunt Rose holding Bella,  Brian holding Brayden, Natalie, cousin Eric, Stacey, Kaley, Carter, Devin, Dylon and Emma.

Kate, Jack, Jeff, Grandma Janice, cousin Elle, Aunt Beth, cousin Ethan, wonderful mom Brenda (:)), cousin Christina, cousin Natalie, cousin Barb, cousin Alex, cousin Will, cousin Joan, cousin Sean, Emily and Isabel.

aunt Jessica, Ken, Diane, Grandpa Ed, Amanda, wonderful dad Jason, Uncle Pete, cousin Luke, Brad, Logan, Kelly, Jackson, Grandma Mary, Grandpa Gale, Uncle John holding Morgi and Carlos

Ohhh..we're missing 1 guy from the team, Bryan K


Can you believe the sign has made it 4 years...we're definitely going to make a new one for next year!


The 2009 walk will be UNFORGETTABLE!!  This is the first year that Amanda actually WALKED part of the trail with us!  It  is hard to comprehend how much progress she has made in less than one year. 

Amanda's A Team had 33 members this year and we raised $1, 745 for the Epilepsy Foundation of Chicago. 

The 2009 team had some new members this year:  Grandma and Grandpa Pokorny, Grandma and Grandpa Niemi, Great Aunt Brenda and Ashley Ferkovich, Uncle Pete, Aunt Jessica, Lukey, the Wolf family, the Gaudreau family, the Garrow family, the Kidd family and the Griglione family.

We finally retired the old sign which was made with lots of love. 

Thanks so much to Kate..she joined us for the walk with a BROKEN foot, talk about support!!

Last Updated:  Feb 2010

38 members; $2685