Hope For Amanda

Living on Faith, Hope & Love

We want to help others by sharing our experiences, please help us by spreading the word on Amanda, Epilepsy and Dravet Syndrome.   You can also help Amanda and other's in similiar situations by donating to one of the following nonprofit organizations with dedication to our daughter. 





Jason and I want to promote awareness of epilepsy and dravet syndrome.    Amanda's first seizure was partial (one-sided) and lasted 45 minutes.  Since we didn't know what was happening to Amanda, we actually drove her to the hospital instead of calling 911.  After our experience, we want to help others understand epilepsy and the different types of seizures that may occur. 


We have had multiple fundraisers for Amanda's medical expenses and to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation of Chicago, click on any of the following links for fun pictures and more information. 


Hope For Amanda Candle Light Bowl                   The 2007 fundraiser was a HUGE success; we raised enough money to pay for an entire year of medications.    

Amanda's Family and Friends Cookbook              We created a cookbook with 450 of our family and friends favorite recipes, proceeds used for medical expenses.  

Epilepsy Foundation of Chicago                          We've had a family event and also attend the annual walk in Lincoln Park to help raise money for the foundation.


Current Fundraiser: 

We are selling Amanda's Family and Friends cookbook and recruiting members for Amanda's A Team for the 2015 Dravet Syndrome Foundation walk  in Schaumburg, IL.  Please join us for a beautiful walk   and help us raise money for the Dravet Syndrome Foundation.

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