Hope For Amanda

Living on Faith, Hope & Love

Amanda's Prayer Blanket

Aunt Rose's family and friends made Amanda a prayer blanket.  As they created the blanket and tied each knot, a prayer was said for Amanda and our family.    Amanda loves the blanket and calls it "Ro Blanket" because she knows her Aunt Rose helped make it. After they finished with the blanket, they called to say a group prayer....boy can those women PRAY!!  Thank you God for placing  these angels in Rose's life. 

Amanda loves to snuggle in her new soft blanket!

Here are four very special angels in our life: Sean, Eric, Aunt Rose and Elle. 


This picture includes everyone that helped make the blanket, from front left to right:  cousin Sean, cousin Eric, Kim, Tami, Margelyn, Michelle, cousin Elle, Aunt Rose, and Mari.